Operational since February 1992, and formerly a part of Didier Werke AG/Germany, a refractory manufacturing pioneer with a proud history and experience of more than 150 years in the industry; The technology, development, quality control, and application experience from the founding company Didier Werke AG is deeply imbedded within the foundations of Dimal Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd. With this strong groundwork, innovations have been implemented to account for recent developments in process technology, new raw materials & additives, and Installation & curing procedures.

Dimal’s State of Art “Refractory Plant” was designed by the technical department of DIDIER Werke AG/Germany. We are the first and only fully automated manufacturing facility for unshaped (monolithics) refractory material in South East Asia. This design allows for an automated material flow from the receipt of raw materials up to the finished product including packaging, thus giving optimum quality, consistency, economy and shortest delivery times.



DIMAL Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. continued presence in the region as the only fully automated monolithics manufacturing set-up in South-East Asia, together with new business ventures with renowned refractory suppliers. DIMAL supply capability has been placed at the forefront of the industry, in a truly global arena with excellent supply references into Steel, Cement, Petrochemical, Aluminium, Incineration and many other industry segments.


We offer Complete Refractory Design & Development Services to cater to all your needs. Our highly qualified engineers are always ready to meet your requirements and to ensure the maximum performance of our products. We ensure each and every product produced by DIMAL is consistent in quality.

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