With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, DIMAL’s produces of Plastics and Ramming mixes are widely accepted and applied in various core Metal and non-Metal Industries including Steel, Non-ferrous Metal, Cement, Paper & Pulps, Wood-based processing, and many others, locally and for international market.

DIMAL has been continuously expanding its plastics range that offers higher grade products of better values and better performance than its competitors’ and is always delivering according to the specific needs required.


Plastics offer joint-less refractory linings

Furnace walls can be rammed to any thickness or contour

Provide better stability with anchoring

Easier to repair than brick linings

Able to complete the lining without needing an inventory of different shapes & sizes


Roof & Walls Of Industrial Furnaces

Top Cap Area Of Coreless Induction Furnaces

Water Tube Boilers

Studded Tubes In Boilers

Roof & Walls Of Incinerators

Fossil Fuel & Recovery Boilers

Heat Generators & Cat Crackers

Bull Nose / Cement Industry

Intermediate Repair Or Patching In Industrial Furnaces


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