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Backed by 27 years of refractory industry experience, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and superior quality control procedures, Dimal Asia Pacific guarantees optimized solution for every refractory needs.

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Refractories supply and service is our core business, our raison d’être. We have provided refractory solutions to all corners of the world, be it monolithics, plastics, and precast shapes. We pride ourselves in our quality standards, integrity, and service; all in order to create an indisputable advantage for you, your equipment, and your business.


Customised Products & Service

High temperature performance, abrasion resistance, non-wetting, or high strength applications? Our array of products can match your needs, if not we can formulate a special grade just for you!

Quality Assurance & Control

All of our products undergo testing in compliance with API Standard 936 here at our in-house lab, and all tests are in accordance to ASTM Standards. Live monitoring and sampling during production ensures consistent quality of our product batches.




Extensive range of Monolithics products are available, for different temperature and application segments of Cement processing facilities.



As a technological leader in refractory solutions (monolithics as well as precast shapes) and installation services, we are the one stop address for all your ‘HOT’ problems.



Quality refractory solutions & performance is a way to generate growth, diversifying portfolios and pre-empting competition for melting, holding & casting industries.


DIMAL’s refractory products have served many a Petrochemical plant locally and overseas with stories of success.

Boilers, Foundries & Incinerators

DIMAL, with a full team of installation partner, are always in the position to support our Boiler, Foundry & Incinerator customers in designing an improved lining system.

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